Real Radio 104.1

Genre: Talk Radio/Alternative Rock
Studio: 407.916.1041
Radio Dial: 104.1
Call Sign: WTKS
Band: FM

WTKS is a Talk Radio/Alternative Rock radio station serving Orlando Florida.

Talk Radio and Alternative Rock Real Radio 104.1

Real Radio 104.1

An iHeartRadio owned station, 104.1 FM entertains you with lively talk and alternative rock music. Goes by the Call Sign WTKS.

Jim Philips has been the host of the top-rated PhilipsPhile for 25 years. He has been rated Central Florida’s “best radio talk” host by the Orlando Sentinel and readers of Orlando Weekly. PhilipsPhile airs weekdays 3 – 7 PM and again on Sunday 12PM – 4PM.

Alternative Rock is played weekdays Midnight til 5AM, Saturday 7PM – 7AM, Sunday 7PM – Midnight.

Monsters In The Morning

Monsters In The Morning show features Russ (Triple R) Rollins, Dirty Jim, Drunky The Bear. Occasionally, former members Jeff Howell, Bubba “Whoop Ass” Wilson, “The Sexy Savannah”, and Bo “The Big Man” Rhodes will stop by. The Monsters In The Morning show is a mix of current events, comedy, and stunts. Discussions involve the serious to the totally bizarre. Guests include comedians visiting the local Improv comedy club, local celebrities, and occasionally national celebrities. Airs 6AM to 11PM.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sunday Morning Coming Down is a weekly show hosted by Joseph Martens and is dedicated to the singers, songwriters and storytellers from classic country to the latest in Americana and Roots Music. Playlists artists include the likes of: Johnny Cash, Charlie Parr, Fats Domino and so many more. Just a nice mix of songs for those who prefer the more simpler times of music. Sundays 9AM – 12PM.

Real Radio 104.1 is Home to Orlando City Soccer Club

Live broadcasts of Orlando City Soccer.